Photo of rooftops and chimneys of West Yorkshire terraced housing, nested within trees. The houses are sitting withing a small valley.
West Yorkshire terraced houses © Historic England AA050338
West Yorkshire terraced houses © Historic England AA050338

Heritage Counts

Heritage Counts provides trends, insights and data about the heritage sector, highlighting changes and history in the making. This year, Heritage Counts research focuses on carbon in the built historic environment.

Heritage Counts is research published by Historic England on behalf of the Historic Environment Forum, providing evidence for the value of heritage to our economy, society and environment. This is demonstrated through five reports plus regional case studies.

Heritage Counts includes:

  • An annual feature report
  • The Historic Environment: An Overview
  • Heritage and the Economy
  • Heritage and Society
  • Heritage and the Environment (new from 2020)
  • Heritage Indicators

Heritage and Society

Latest report highlights evidence that supports how the heritage sector and historical places enhance our wellbeing and quality of life.

Heritage and the Environment

This new addition to Heritage Counts, looks at the value of heritage to our national and global environments.

2019 - Carbon in the Built Historic Environment

There’s No Place Like Old Homes: findings on how reusing our built historic environment can reduce carbon.

Heritage and the Economy

Findings from our studies of heritage and economic activity, and new research: the Heritage Economic Estimate Indicators.

Regional Reports

Regional Heritage Counts reports are prepared by Historic England on behalf of the Regional Historic Environment Forums.

Heritage Indicators

Each year, Heritage Counts collates a large dataset of indicators which give insights into the state of the historic environment.

Historic Environment Overview

Annual overview of key developments in the heritage sector.

Your Views and Questions

How to share your views and some frequently asked questions about Heritage Counts.

2018 – Heritage in Commercial Use

Research focusing on how commercial heritage assets are constantly evolving, adapting to new uses and new occupiers.

2017 - 50 Years of Conservation Areas

Heritage Counts 2017 focused on 50 years of conservation areas.

2016 - Heritage and Place Branding

In 2016 Heritage Counts researched the value and practice of place branding and the significant role of heritage in place brands.

2015 - Local Historic Environment

In 2015 Heritage Counts looked at research on the views and experiences of those responsible for looking after the local historic environment.

2014 - Value and Impact of Heritage

In 2014 Heritage Counts looked at the social and economic value of heritage to communities, individuals and the economy

2013 - Historic Environment Skills

In 2013 Heritage Counts looked at the skills within the historic environment.

2012 - Heritage and Resilience

In 2012 Heritage Counts looked at the relationship between heritage and resilience.

2011 - Big Society

In 2011 Heritage Counts looked at the historic environment and its place within communities.

2010 - Economic Impact

In 2010 Heritage Counts explored the economic impact of investment in the historic environment.

2009 - Sense of Place

In 2009 Heritage Counts focused on the role of the historic environment in shaping what individuals think and feel about where they live.

2008 - Climate Change

In 2008 Heritage Counts focused on how climate change is posing significant challenges for the historic environment.