2020 - Know Your Home, Know Your Carbon

Heritage Counts focuses on owner-occupiers of historic homes this year, looking at the evidence to how carbon emissions can be reduced in our pre-1919 homes.

  • Reducing Carbon Emissions in Traditional Homes

    How behaviour changes, repair and maintenance, technology advances and retrofit can reduce carbon emissions from traditional homes.

  • Heritage and the Economy

    Findings from our studies of heritage and economic activity, and new research: the Heritage Economic Estimate Indicators.

  • Heritage and Society

    Latest report highlights evidence that supports how the heritage sector and historical places enhance our wellbeing and quality of life.

  • Heritage Indicators

    Each year, Heritage Counts collates datasets about a range of indicators that provide useful insights into the state of the historic environment.

  • Regional Reports

    Regional Heritage Counts reports are prepared by Historic England on behalf of the Regional Historic Environment Forums.

  • Historic Environment Overview

    Annual overview of key developments in the heritage sector.

  • Your Views and Questions

    How to share your views and some frequently asked questions about Heritage Counts.