Black and white photo of women working in an office, 1956.
Women working in the offices of Gallup, the market research pollsters, Greater London © Historic England AA100812
Women working in the offices of Gallup, the market research pollsters, Greater London © Historic England AA100812

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Frequently asked questions

What is Heritage Counts?

Heritage Counts is an annual survey of the state of England's historic environment. The report summarises annual research themes, outlines changes in the heritage sector from the year and reports on a wide range of indicators for the historic environment, including:

  • numbers of listed buildings in England
  • heritage at risk
  • planning application decisions
  • employment and skills
  • funding for heritage
  • economic and social benefits (participation, membership, volunteering, education, regeneration etc.)

Alongside the national report are regional reports which provide further detail on the state of the historic environment providing data, trends and case studies. 

What is the purpose of Heritage Counts?

Heritage Counts provides the historic environment sector with the information and data needed to make decisions and influence policy. It also highlights issues which are particularly important to the sector.

What are the indicators?

Indicators are easy-to-use statistics that enable year-on-year changes in the historic environment to be tracked. These are set out under five headings:

  • Discovery, identification and understanding: Provides indicators on the scale and scope of the historic environment and assets
  • Constructive conservation and sustainable management: Includes indicators on the overall condition of the historic environment with indicators from the Heritage at Risk programme and data on managing the historic environment including planning statistics
  • Public engagement: Presents data on participation in heritage, heritage membership and volunteering in the sector
  • Capacity building: Indicators of heritage investments from private, public and voluntary sectors as well as the skills and capacity of the sector
  • Helping things to happen: Includes indicators of the importance of guardianship

Data is available at a national, regional and local level in Excel spreadsheets.
Please see the Indicator Data page for the complete set of 'Heritage Counts' indicators.

What are the themes?

Each year there is a focus on a particular research or policy area:

Who produces the Heritage Counts series?

Heritage Counts publications are produced by Historic England on behalf of the Historic Environment Forum which represents all the major heritage organisations in England.

How often do Heritage Counts reports come out?

Heritage Counts is published annually, usually in December.

Can I offer comments on the report?

You can have your say in various ways. See the links at the top of this page.

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