Heritage at Risk 2020 Registers

The Excel spreadsheet below gives a list of entries on the Heritage at Risk Register, additions to it and removals from it for the year 2020.

The audience for the Heritage at Risk Register is wide-ranging and includes local authorities, owners, developers, the general public, and buildings preservation trusts. Heritage at risk dates back to the 1990s when English Heritage, with support in particular from local authorities, produced the first Buildings at Risk Register.

Since 2008 we have systematically increased our understanding on the condition and management of listed sites, although the collection of this year’s data was inevitably affected by Covid-19.

The Register includes buildings and structures, places of worship, archaeological sites, battlefields, wrecks, parks and gardens, and conservation areas known to be at risk as a result of neglect, decay or inappropriate development. 

The Register is produced annually as part of Historic England's Heritage at Risk programme. Previous years' Heritage at Risk Registers are available to download on the Historic England website.

More information on the programme including latest findings, how to get involved and analysis of each of the types of sites on the Register can be found on the Historic England website.

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  • Criteria for inclusion on the Register
  • Key statistics
  • Key to the entries
  • Entries on the Register by local planning authority

Additional Information

  • Series: Heritage at Risk
  • Publication Status: Completed
  • Product Code: EE HE0043, LON/SE HE0044, NE/YO HE0045, NW HE0046, MID HE0047, SW HE0048


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