Accessible Text Alternative for Infographic on Sources of Vertical Aerial Photographs

This is an accessible text alternative for an infographic showing sources of vertical aerial photographs and the numbers of photographs each have contributed to Historic England's Archive. The infographic was created in 2017 to illustrate an article marking 50 years of 'flying for heritage' in England.

Where did the vertical aerial photographs come from?

The figures are presented in ascending order.

  • Road construction Units: 14,100 photographs
  • United States Air Force: 19,896 photographs
  • Environment Agency: 63,823 Photographs
  • 'Other': 81,730 photographs
  • Meridian Airmaps Ltd: 307,013 Photographs
  • Agricultural Development and Advisory Service: 314,668 photographs
  • Ordnance Survey: 1,024,020 photographs
  • Royal Air Force: 2,103,829

Total number of vertical aerial photographs

The total number of vertical aerial photographs in the Historic England Archive by 2017 was 3,939,084.

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