Accessible Text Alternative for Infographic on Growth of Aerial Photographs

This is an accessible text alternative for an infographic depicting the growth in the numbers of aerial photographs taken by Historic England, predecessor organisations and local fliers working in partnership from the 1960s to 2017. It was created to illustrate an article on the 50th anniversary of 'flying for heritage' in England.

The infographic uses the motif of a suitably scaled light aircraft over a symbolic aerial photograph to demonstrate the relative amount of aerial photographs accompanying the statistic per decade.

Growth by decade

  • 1960s: 23,485
  • 1970s: 209,686
  • 1980s: 189,249
  • 1990s: 171,317
  • 2000: 219,178
  • 2010s (to 2017): 177,568

Total number of photographs

When the infographic was created in 2017, the total number of aerial photographs had reached 990,493.

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