Hexham High Street Heritage Action Zone. 2019.Dickinson Optometrists and J.C.Herdman Jewellers,15 Battle Hill/ Priestpopple, Hexham, Northumberland. View from south east.
Battle Hill/Priestpopple in the Hexham High Street Heritage Action Zone. © Historic England
Battle Hill/Priestpopple in the Hexham High Street Heritage Action Zone. © Historic England

Grants Available in the North East

Do you own or manage a historic place in the North East or Yorkshire?

We run several grant schemes to help with the cost of caring for all sorts of buildings, monuments, townscapes and landscapes. We also fund projects that help people to understand and champion their heritage.

We have four regional grant priorities and we invite applications that address one or more of these all year round.

Our priorities in the North East and Yorkshire Region are:

  1. Capacity building, project development or repair and adaptation, which address heritage at risk, within or associated with our Heritage Action Zones.
  2. Capacity building projects which create opportunities for volunteers to actively participate in understanding, managing and conserving heritage, in ways which reduce or avoid heritage being at risk.
  3. Local authority conservation area management plans, heritage asset management plans and options appraisals.
  4. Project development or repair and repurposing of historic textile mills.

If you have a proposal that you think fits one or more of these priorities then please get in touch with us at our  Newcastle or York office. We would encourage you to talk to us about your proposal before you submit a grant application.

Our grants can be used to support a wide range of projects. They must deliver against our corporate objectives and our national grant priorities.

All grant applications will be measured against how well they achieve public value, using our Public Value Framework.

As we have a limited number of grants, high demand, and a focus on our national priorities, we would expect you to have explored alternative sources of funding before making an application to us.

The Heritage Funding Directory is a comprehensive guide to sources of financial support for anyone wanting to carry out creative projects connected with the UK's heritage. It includes details of the majority of funding available from grant-giving trusts, non-governmental agencies and central and local government.

North East Office

  • Address

    Bessie Surtees House,
    41 - 44 Sandhill,
    Newcastle upon Tyne,
    NE1 3JF

Yorkshire Office

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