Blackpool High Street Heritage Action Zone

This project will see the revival of Blackpool’s Winter Gardens and, through partnerships with other cultural organisations, a variety of activities aim to reinvigorate the town centre.

At the heart of Blackpool's High Street Heritage Action Zone is Church Street, one of the town's oldest commercial streets which links the Winter Gardens, Grand Theatre and the Promenade, some of Blackpool's key historic gems. Over the past 40 years, the decline of UK seaside resorts has led to an economic downturn in Blackpool and high levels of deprivation.

Alongside this, the town centre's status has declined as it has struggled to compete with other retail and leisure destinations. Many of the historic buildings within the area are in a declining condition and there is a high vacancy rate which has led to a general dissatisfaction about what the centre has to offer people.

How the Blackpool High Street Heritage Action Zone will help

With £532,575 of Government funding, delivered through Historic England, the High Street Heritage Action Zone project will include a package of physical interventions to the Winter Gardens and other key buildings in the area. These works will be coupled with a community-led cultural programme to bring the high street back to life. This project aims to reinvigorate a sense of belonging in Blackpool's town centre by engaging the local community with key cultural venues.

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