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Help us enrich the List © thelittlegreyartist / Alamy Stock Photo
Help us enrich the List © thelittlegreyartist / Alamy Stock Photo

Share Your Knowledge to Enrich the List

Enrich the List with your images, insights and secrets of England's spectacular historic places.

The List has over 400,000 entries – tower blocks and tombstones, barrows and bunkers, palaces and pigsties, plague crosses and piers, cathedrals, windmills and rollercoasters.

Many places on the List are well-known and even world-famous. But in some cases there is much that remains unknown.

We invite you to share your knowledge and pictures of listed places, so we can record information, and even unlock the secrets of some places.

How to get started

You can add contributions to historic places on the National Heritage List for England:

  • Listed Buildings
  • Scheduled Monuments
  • Protected Wreck Sites
  • Parks & Gardens
  • Battlefields
  • World Heritage Sites

You can register, log in and add contributions from any of these list entries. So find a place special to you to get started:

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What can I add?

We welcome anything that celebrates and enriches the list entry.

  • Photos - new or old
  • Historical events and social history
  • Information about the architecture or archaeology
  • Links to useful online resources

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Photo permissions

Photos must be taken from public land or public rights of way, or you must have the explicit permission granted by the landowner. 

Photo you add must be yours or if a historic image you must have the rights to it to upload it.

If you are worried that a photo has been added without these permissions, please email us [email protected]

What not to add

🚫 Corrections

If you think a list entry is incorrect then you can let us know by asking for a minor amendment.

🚫 Personal information

Do not contribute information which can be used to identify an individual.

  • Avoid people and faces in the foreground of photos
  • Avoid or blur out car registration plates

🚫 Advertising and promotion

Do not add contributions featuring adverts or promoting a commercial activity. Your contribution may be rejected if it is not relevant to the list entry.

Terms and conditions

Read the full Enriching the List Terms and Conditions for specific details covering what you are allowed to contribute and what happens to your contribution.

Stapleton Road in Bristol is one of the most culturally diverse streets in the UK. Whilst being extremely busy and noisy, the characteristics of the neighbourhood are highlighted in unique shopfronts.

Contribution by Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust

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