Aerial view of central London
Aerial view of central London © Historic England 24414/011
Aerial view of central London © Historic England 24414/011

London History Day

This year, in what are very difficult and challenging times for many, we are celebrating London’s resilience on 31 May.

On this day, we will come together, virtually, to celebrate London’s resilience and share stories that remind us of the incredible strength, courage and community spirit Londoners have shown, today and throughout history. It’s a day to reflect, create, connect with each other and have fun.

Here are some ways you can get involved

  • Tell us about the people and places that inspire you and remind you of London’s resilience on social media using the hashtag #LondonHistoryDay or tagging us @HistoricEngland on Twitter
  • See items from museums, galleries and archives telling amazing stories of London’s strength and resilience. Follow #LondonHistoryDay on Twitter!
  • Build your favourite London landmarks out of paper and cardboard and share on social
  • Explore the history of London with online maps and add your own

Launched by Historic England in 2017, London History Day is an annual celebration of what makes London a unique city. It takes place on 31 May every year.

The date marks the anniversary of the day Big Ben first started keeping time in 1859. Supported by Mayor of London, City of London Corporation and Museum of London.